Phil and Geda Condit

Condit, Phil and Geda

Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to experience medicine practiced in many different ways.  As a Fortune 50 CEO, I had access to the best clinics in the world.  However, the best care, with the best results has always been with a physician who knew and cared about me personally.  I have had several experiences where a physician, familiar with me, was able to diagnose and treat a critical condition quickly and accurately.  In today's world of high tech and exotic tests, personal knowledge and expertise is even more important.

After moving to Texas, we found that special physician in Dr. Scott Yates and the Center for Executive Medicine.  As someone trained in engineering, I like data and thoughtful research.  Dr. Yates brings these attributes to his practice of medicine.  He is up to date on the latest medical research and can discuss it in a way that is both thoughtful and understandable.  But it is not just about the data, it is how the data applies to the individual.  

This is what personalized medicine should be, and what we have found with Dr. Yates.

Phil Condit, PhD

Former CEO and Chairman


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