Jeff Miller


“After a bad fall at the gym, I was unable to walk and feared a hip fracture. I called Dr. Yates on his cell phone.

He picked up at 6 a.m. in San Francisco and immediately began coordinating care with his colleague and staff. An expedited office visit was arranged (avoiding an unpleasant and lengthy emergency room experience). Fortunately, I was able to hop to my car and drive to the doctor’s office.

X-rays were immediately obtained and analyzed. As it turned out, I only had a bad contusion. Dr. Yates’ assistant drove me to the pharmacy for painkillers and crutches, picking up these items and an ice pack, as I could not walk in myself. Dr. Yates followed up daily to check on my progress. When you suddenly can’t walk, it’s a wonderful thing to experience this level of care.”

Jeff Miller

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