Becky, Kelly and Travis Williams


An ER doctor recommended Dr. Scott Yates when my husband, Kelly, cracked his ribs by sneezing. Little did we know the ER Doctor was more concerned with his heart than his ribs and we were about to enter a new phase of our lives.

Dr. Yates met with us as a family and realized Kelly needed help fast. By beginning to coordinate his care immediately, Kelly’s life was quickly saved with heart stents. This event and Dr. Yates made our family step back and look at our health and helped us realize that our obesity was killing us. It’s a tough realization to find you are not in as good of shape as you thought, and headed for very short lives. We began a personal relationship with Dr. Yates before the Center for Executive Medicine program existed. But we were the first to realize as the executive medicine program started that we never wanted to be without that exquisite care, ongoing evaluations, and meaningful consultations ever again.

The results are astonishing! Kelly is doing away with his insulin after 25 years. Collectively our family has lost 450 pounds! We are healthy on paper and off. We are active again. We are physically and emotionally changed because of this program. It is that personal time with Dr. Yates, those encouraging emails, a great staff who really cares that keeps us on track. The Center for Executive Medicine is life-changing.

We credit those no wait, when-YOU-need-them appointments, telephone and email consultations for two busy executives and a full time student to maintain our health regimen. We are considered and treated like a friend of the family, not a number. This relationship and level of access gives us peace of mind and allows us to keep transforming our health completely and constantly. This has truly been one of the best investments our family has ever made – the return on this investment is simply infinite – longer, healthier, happier lives.

Becky Williams

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