Marye and Marshall Scantlin


In 2011 our family physician retired and moved to another state. We lost both our physician and close family friend. The search was on to find another physician to take care of us.

When we began our search we had 3 criteria:  (1) we needed a practice that would accept both our insurance plans; (2) we wanted a physician who would make us feel that we were truly important to him no matter how many patients he had seen or was going to see that day; and (3) we wanted to meet the physician before joining the practice.

The location of the practice was not as important to us as our comfort level with the physician and practice.

Marye called and talked to many clinics. In just about every case the only way to meet the doctor was to schedule a new patient physical. We even offered to pay for a “consultation visit” but that offer was turned down. Marye was diligent. She kept searching and found one clinic, The Center for Executive Medicine, that welcomed our request to come in and visit. We were about to discover concierge medicine.

We spent our first hour with Sherri Puckett as she showed us around the clinic and talked to us about concierge medicine. We discussed many aspects of the practice including their philosophy, approach to practice, and all of our questions were answered. We were hooked.

When we come in for an appointment, Dr. Yates sees us on time and talks with us as long as necessary. He checks with us via email to see how we are doing and we are able to call him when needed.  We even have his mobile number. Dr. Yates, as well as the entire staff, is concerned with the whole person. There is an interest in our family and what is going on in our lives.

The Center for Executive Medicine is patient care at its very best. If you are looking for the best in modern medicine combined with the feel of an old-fashioned practice where time spent with the patient is the most important thing, look no farther.

Marshall & Marye Scantlin

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