Jeff Ramsey


We are a family on the go!  Literally and figuratively.  We travel and we are all active in sports.  My children, Jake and Rachel, are in their early teens and play multiple sports.  

Whether I’m traveling on business or for sports events with my children, I don’t have to worry about illness on the road. As a business man, I don’t have time to sit in a doctor’s office and as a single Dad, I didn’t know who to call. But now I do. When something unexpected happens, I have the comfort of knowing that Scott and his team will take care of me, and get me what I need to make it home!  

Recently, my son Jake was seriously injured in a weekend wrestling tournament.  On my way to the emergency room I called Scott.  He was able to “pre-register” my son and provide me with the attending physician's background BEFORE we arrived to the emergency room.  Scott left his daughter’s volleyball game and met us in the emergency room and has continued to help with Jake’s ongoing treatment and specialist recommendations. 

This may seem beyond the call of duty for Dr. Yates and his team, but I’ve experienced this superior service years.  

And on a recent weekend, it happened again.  Jake fell out of a tree and hit his head.  I called Scott and he confirmed my thought that we should go to the ER.  But he told me that if the ER doctor wanted to do a CT scan, I should call him to be sure because radiation exposure to a young brain should be considered very carefully.  Turns out, he has published an article on that very subject!

I’ve had “scares” that come with a middle aged man.  Scott and his team have always been there for me and my family!  You can’t imagine what it’s like to have access to this kind of care.

Jeff Ramsey

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