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Why should I ask you to be my personal physician?

It is amazing how many successful people plan for every aspect of their family’s future, but neglect to invest in their own health. They may be robbing themselves and their families of many happy, productive meaningful years. Joining our program is the first step in a process. The end result of that process is to achieve and maintain excellent health.

I'm healthy; why would I consider this sort of practice?

Your doctor should be your partner in maintaining your good health, not just the person you turn to for acute problems. At the Center for Executive Medicine, your good health is our mission.

What if I don’t live nearby?

We’re as near as a phone call, as convenient as an e-mail. Many of our patients do not live in Texas. Wherever you are, you will have our complete and prompt attention.  

Of course, our first visit will always be in person and then routine questions and minor illnesses are often handled by e-mail or telephone. Dallas is a travel hub; many of our patients choose to come to our office for routine visits. Whether to respond to an urgent medical issue or simply for your convenience, we are available to travel to your location worldwide. Our passports are current and well used; we keep them handy. By limiting the number of patients for whom we care, we can do whatever is necessary to protect your health.

Are you just geared to serving busy executives?

We serve all sorts of patients, from hard-charging executives, their children and spouses, to retirees and everyone in between. We have patients in robust health and patients with chronic or serious illnesses. By limiting the number of our member-patients, we can devote the proper amount of time and focus to giving each the best possible care.

Do you accept health insurance?

We participate in almost every insurance plan, including Medicare. The Center for Executive Medicine files for insurance reimbursement just like traditional medical practices.

Do you see patients in the hospital?

Yes.  When our patients are admitted to one of the hospitals where we practice, we will take care of you.  Of course, we may ask specialists to help, but we will see you every day and coordinate your care.

Does my insurance cover my membership fee?

Membership fees allow us to keep our patient base small and we can devote more time and attention to each patient. Insurance companies will not cover these fees. Some members choose to pay their membership fees using HSA/FSA funds; you should discuss this with your financial advisor or plan coordinator.

Tell me about your relationships with specialists; what happens if I need a referral?

We maintain relationships with a wide network of specialists in the DFW area and beyond. We’ll do the necessary homework to make sure you are referred to the best we can find and we will assist in making your appointment. And we’ll always coordinate your care. Just needing to see a specialist is stressful enough. We try to make this as easy for you as possible.

Can I really see you anytime?

Yes, we do sleep. But we’re on call 24/7, with e-mail and cell phones at the ready. You can see us outside of normal office hours. We’ll turn the lights on at 6 a.m. if that helps you get to a morning meeting at 7:30. And we’ll keep them burning late for the same reason. You can even come in on a Saturday; we’ll see you here any day that ends in “y.”

Or, we can arrange to travel to see you, wherever you are.  The busier you are, the harder it is for you to squeeze in a doctor’s appointment. We don’t want you to put your health on hold because it’s inconvenient. Our whole practice is structured to make it convenient. Making access to your doctor quick and easy is the path to better health.

House calls? Really?

Yes. We’ll come to your office or home. Depending on membership level, we’ll even travel to you, anywhere in the world to make sure you are receiving the best possible medical care. When we say we’ll go to the ends of the earth, we mean it.

Will you really meet me at the ER?

Absolutely. Not only that, but at hospitals where we practice we’ll admit you and take care of you ourselves. No on-call physicians for our members; we manage your care throughout your stay. Elsewhere, we work directly with the local medical team to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

What if I have an emergency after hours?

We’re there for you. You will have your personal physician’s cell phone number. Put us on speed dial. Call any time. In a life-threatening situation call 911 first, and then call us right away.

Where do I go to get lab tests and x-rays?

For imaging studies or other diagnostic tests, we will make arrangements with the highest quality, most convenient center and coordinate your visit for you.

May I come in for a tour or informational meeting?

Absolutely, and as a matter of fact we encourage it! We want you to experience the warmth, caring and professionalism of our practice. Come in for an unrushed opportunity to interview your doctor. If you live outside the Dallas area, we can come to your home or office for this initial meeting as well.

Our premium services liaison, Sherri Puckett, will be happy to arrange for you to meet with our physicians, tour our facility and discuss our services at your convenience. Please call Sherri at 972-244-1355 or e-mail her at

Can the Center for Executive Medicine provide healthcare for my employees?

Yes. The productivity of a leadership team (and even stability of an entire business) can be dramatically impacted by illness – either within that team, a family member, or critical support staff. We design and implement programs to help corporations and their leaders protect the most important asset. One which does not appear on the balance sheet.  

What if I have a question after I leave the office?

Call, e-mail or fax. Doctors are patients too and we know that often the most important questions arise after the office visit is over. In our practice, there is no need to wait - we want to hear from you now.

You say you correspond with patients via e-mail. Is that secure?

Our doctors challenge anyone to be more responsive. But please be aware that emails are only as secure as your spouse, children, etc. will allow. Bottom line, we’re here to take good care of you and to make doing so as convenient, simple and stress-free for you as possible. Whatever it takes.

Why did you start this practice?

Because we love to see our patients living life to the fullest, confident that all preventive measures to protect their health have been undertaken. When health issues do arise, they know they have a doctor they can trust and confide in, and from whom they will receive immediate support. At the Center for Executive Medicine, we realize that vision.

What we do: take good care of patients and ensure ready access when needed.  

What we do not do (that unfortunately some others do): sell supplements, vitamins, fancy sounding but worthless lab tests, expose you to unnecessary radiation or perform tests we aren’t qualified to interpret.

I want to join your team. Can I come work in your office?

Yes! We are searching for a physician to join our team! Caring, compassionate, engaging, empathetic, discreet, trustworthy and attentive to detail. Skilled, cheerful, organized yet flexible. Our "top 10 list" has 11. If you score 11 out of 11, we want to talk to you about joining our team. Email us at

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