David and Peggy Harms

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Dr. Yates has been my personal physician and friend since 2005.  Through that time he has always been attentive to my health needs.  His advice and care has always been with my best interest at heart. 

He has walked with me through both mild and serious illness.  Recently I had a case of cellulitis and it really starting getting bad on Memorial Day.  At a time when it is usually impossible to reach a doctor I called Scott, he answered his cell phone and he said “I’ll meet you at the office”.  Peggy drove me there.  Dr. Yates came down and looked at my leg in the parking lot.  Once he saw it he knew exactly what I needed.  He called from his cell phone and made arrangements for us to pick up a shot from a local pharmacy.  We were 30 minutes there and back and he administered the shot himself and then checked on me the next day to be sure I was better.  Long story short, I recovered.

I am continually amazed at the exceptional level of care and attention we receive from Dr. Yates and his staff.  Peggy and I are so thankful that God put Scott Yates in our lives.

Dwight David Harms

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