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You can help us support medical education and primary care in Texas by donating to the Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians Foundation. This foundation was created to fund preceptorships (one month training opportunities) for first and second year medical students. Physician preceptors are volunteers who are not paid. Students are given a stipend to offset housing costs for the preceptorship period.

The Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians (the internal medicine professional association to which we belong) has agreed to fund the (very small) overhead of the foundation so that all of the donated funds become part of an endowment, the investment proceeds from which will be used to fund student preceptorships.  

A donation of $25,000 allows a donor to permanently name a preceptorship position. And an individual donor has committed to match each dollar of the first $100,000 we raise!

Over 2,500 medical students have participated in the preceptorship program over the past two decades. The State of Texas discontinued funding in 2011 and this foundation was established to allow it to continue. Thank you for your consideration! This really is a great effort to benefit Texas communities by encouraging more medical students to train in primary care.  

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